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Solution Focus

KMS is a provider of billing, insurance claims filing, patient collections, accounting, and comprehensive information systems solutions for doctors, medical specialists, physician groups, and outpatient diagnostic imaging and treatment centers. Solutions provided include:

Medical Billing
  • on-site, off-site or shared
  • demand or batch processing
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Workers Comp
  • Managed Care
Accounting & Reporting
  • cash/lockbox operations
  • accounts receivable/payable
  • general ledger
  • hundreds of standard reports
  • custom report facilities
  • user-defined parameters
Media & Communications
  • hospital mainframe interface
  • electronic claims filing
  • tape, diskette, CD-ROM media
  • Windows/UNIX/Linux support
  • remote site report routing
Facilities Management
  • limited or full scope
  • staffing & physical resources
  • imaging or treatment center
  • resource scheduling
  • tax & compliance reporting
Cooperative Processing
  • data center fully certified and HIPAA compliant
  • relational database technology
  • scheduled system uptime exceeds 99.9%
  • data backed up every two minutes
  • redundant systems
  • secure database access
Practice Automation
  • hospital or clinic based
  • histology laboratory
  • multi-physician, multi-location
  • patient appointments & recalls
  • registration & treatment
  • electronic medical records


Specialties Covered

KMS can meet the needs of a broad range of medical specialties and healthcare providers, including:

Three Approaches

Depending on your needs and preferences, KMS can provide medical billing or comprehensive computing solutions under any of three basic, interchangeable approaches: Management Services, Cooperative Processing or Enterprise Automation.

Management Services

KMS can perform medical billing, insurance claims filing, accounting, reporting, and practice or facilities management services at any level you require. Services range from basic billing and claims filing to full-scope staffing, payroll, tax and compliance reporting, and site administration.

Cooperative Processing

Time-sharing allows you to automate some or all of your operations without implementing a standalone system. KMS can use your existing resources, or provide whatever is necessary. We can administer system backups and security, and any level of shared responsibilities can be established.

Enterprise Automation

The systems experts of Kasper Management Service reviewed over 700 medical software candidates before selecting, enhancing and integrating the practice, office and laboratory automation systems we now offer. You can be confident that we will configure and deliver the best overall solution for your requirements.